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NISI offers barcode scanning integration. Wireless scanning provides the most accurate, up-to-date information in the workplace today. This module allows companies to interface their MV database in real-time to portable hand-held Radio Frequency Terminals. The RF Scanning Module gives you better control over your inventory from the instant it hits the receiving dock to the time it is picked and shipped out the door.

The RF module is comprised of Receiving, Physical Inventory, Inventory Check, Picking, Shipping, and Contents Tracking. Implementation is simple and quick, translating into significant savings the instant you begin using it. Scan manufacturers’ barcodes or print your own. Greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy in the management of your inventory. Cut down drastically on your dependence upon paper in your warehouse and accounting department. With contents tracking you (and your customers) will know what items were shipped in what boxes.

Be assured you are receiving the right products, you are putting them away in the proper place, they are properly accounted for, the correct items are picked and shipped to the right customer.




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