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IMACS is a suite of software modules, developed by Northwest Information Systems, Inc. (NISI) that was specifically developed to meet inventory management and accounting needs.  It is an open system and can customized to meet your specific business rules and requirements.   It runs on top of an ODBC compliant database called Universe from IBM.  This facilitates the ability to integrate with other software.  IMACS and its transactions are detail oriented.  It provides users with a system that is flexible enough to accommodate their unique processing requirements now and in the future.  Many of our clients have been using IMACS for over 10 years.


NISI, IMACS, and it’s associated software and services offers a totally integrated system for managing inventory and the business accounting functions.  All applications work in an on-line real-time environment with the only exceptions being optional batch process sub-systems, such as Accounts Payable invoice entry, where batch controls may be desirable.


Sales and financial reports have a wide variety of selection and sorting options available to help meet the specific reporting needs of each application module.  Inquiries relating to product, customer, job, vendor, analysis for sales, purchasing, and control environments provide immediate information without the burden of lengthy printed reports.  Most of our clients do only exception reporting vs. lengthy “month-end” reports.


All processes have utilized on-line documentation and additional help mini-documents for each data prompt.  Where applicable, LIST functions will provide a window display of codes and descriptions for data entry operators.  The system attempts to be self-explanatory by providing a purpose, use, and results definition of each system process.  Elaborate cross-referencing of elements in key files throughout the data base virtually eliminates the need to maintain printed lists for accessing customers, inventory, vendors, jobs, orders, invoices, purchase orders, and other source or audit records.



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