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NISI has created a fully integrated fax/email application using VSI-FAX software. You can now connect your information infrastructure directly with the outside world by fax/email enabling desktops and fax/email automating processes that normally require printing, manual faxing and postage. Data from any source can be overlaid onto any business form and faxed as a finished document, allowing your company to automate workflow processes and become truly commerce-enabled.

Computer-based faxing means more than faxing a Word document from a desktop. You can fax/email enable any application and automate paper centric communications. All most anything that is printed can be faxed/emailed. Fax from any e-mail client. Route faxes directly to desktops, departments and printers.

Increase productivity and reduce costs by eliminating less efficient communications. VSI-FAX automates repetitive business communications, enables the entire organization to automatically send, route, archive and process all paper-centric communications. VSI-FAX delivers the integration and desktop capabilities that will help your company dramatically reduce labor, forms and telephony cost.

  • Fax any document from any application
  • Enable e-mail to fax & fax to email
  • Eliminate envelopes and postage and telephony cost
  • Eliminates routine manual paper transactions
  • Automates internal and external paper communications and transactions



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