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The Web is offering your organization the ability to reach more customers and businesses than ever before.  As business requirements change, so must your ability to react to change.  With the Internet your competition is only a click away.  Assure your company’s future by taking advantage of this great media of communication.

Internet Customer Service module allows your customers can go onto the Internet, access this module from the Internet browser, and pull up their account information that is specific to their company.  They can find the status of orders placed, balances owed, etc.  They can also place orders.  The same cross-referencing in IMACS allows for inventory item lookups.  They can pull up the LCS (Last Customer Sales) and CSL (Customer Shopping List) screens, select from these lists the items they want to buy, place them in a shopping cart, and thus create the sales order.  Once the sales order is finished, the order is handled within IMACS in the usual manner.  When they look up a product, pictures of the product will appear before them, allowing for easy selection of items to buy.

NISI can take your existing business applications and deploy them directly to the web with IBM’s RedBack product.  RedBack allows you to create your front-end web application design in Active Server Pages (ASP) or JAVA with any web application tool and allow direct access to your Multi-Value database.  RedBack is your affordable way to port your existing MV programs and subroutines into RedBack Business Objects (RBO’s) and deliver quick results.  Visualize your business application on the Internet.  Your customers can inquire about their account or status of orders on-line, as well as place orders on-line.  Sales representatives can service their customers at the customer location or at home via the Internet.

RedBack ties into the U2 databases for direct access to data  and sub-routines; has a gateway that manages multiple, simultaneous requests; and allows for open front-end design.  RedBack is the only Web Application Server that offers direct connectivity with U2 and front-end openness for designing with Java and ASP-compatible IDE’s.




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