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NISI is your northwest area reseller of MITS software (Management Information Tool Software).  MITS is a Windows interactive reporting and business intelligence tool designed to give you better access to the information in your MV database.  MITS allows you to evaluate trends and profitability within a graphical user interface (GUI) application.  This data mining tool allows you to drill down into your MV database and to summarize, display, compare, and export the many different relationships of your data.

MITS allows you to drill down into the data to extract and display the many different relationships within the database.   For example, you can select a location, then a sales rep for that location, one of his customers, a particular product that customer buys, the invoices where that customer bought that product, and even the line item on a particular invoice where that product appears.  You can create your own columns of information using drag and drop methods.  With any column you can quickly arrange the data in ascending or descending order, select only data meeting your criteria, and automatically send the information to display as a pie chart, bar graph or three-dimensional graph, or export it to Excel.

Would you like to analyze an item on a financial statement by drilling down to see where that figure came from and its detail?  If so, then MITS is for you.  MITS is very easy to use, is up-to-date information, reduces the need for hard copy reports, has fast response times, and is low in cost.  It allows managers to easily and instantaneously view summaries of activity discovering underlying conditions and trends important to your bottom line.



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